This Year Has Flown By Hahaha Dont We Say That Every Year

Dated: 11/07/2017

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OMG!!! This Year Has Flown By !!!

LOL Don't We All Say That Every Year?

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It's during this time of the year that we always notice how fast the year has gone by! Why is that?  Quite simple.  We know the year has come to an end and 

wanted to accomplish our goals, try new things, travel, be nicer, workout more, go on a diet, get a new job, finish school, etc..................  Then the goals we haven't 

accomplished, we leave them for the following year, and the next and the next...  I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to working out and dieting.  


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Sure We have all been there. Renting our first place either single, with our brother, sister, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, bird, wife and kids!!

No shame in that. You have to start somewhere.  Some have gone right from mom and dad's house right to buying their own home.  No shame in 

that either. Trust me, I left my house at 26.  So why are we all afraid to take that first initial step of purchasing a home?  Is it the upfront cost?  Sure.

Between the down payment and closing it can get up there.  Is it the uknown that if some financial crisis ever hits home, you won't be able to make

the mortgage payments and renting is SAFER?  MAYBE  or is it the FACT that no one really took the time to sit down with you and explain

the whole process of buying a home from A to Z without getting you pre-qualified first??? EXACTLY!!!

What happened in school when they first told you.. "Today we are going to learn about Quadratic equations"  QUADRATIC WHAT!!  Or when you 

were opening up your first bank account. "Sorry you have a $35 NSF fee"  NSF WHAT!!!!

Everything has it's learning curve and ZILLOW, REALTOR, TRULIA, HOMES, ETC... are not there to teach you that curve. They are just showing you properties and some magic numbers of estimates and payments and like WOW!!! This beautiful house is only $200,000 And the Zestimate is $250,000 and my mortgage payment is only $900 a month. I can do that.. But then when you read the tiny tiny letters called disclaimers, which no one ever reads, it will baffle you.

Then finally you contact a Realtor. Then you are all confused. Is my REALTOR telling me the truth. But I read online,

I googled 0% down, no closing costs, 75% ARV, 2% interest yada yada yada.  

Now everyone is working backwards.

Your first point of contact, even before looking at homes online and doing your research, should be a Realtor!

I provide ALL of my clients a 1 hour meeting where I review the client needs, speak about the market, speak about the 

different price points, suburbs, city, hip areas, schools, their future, and a lot more even before I show them a

mortgage, down payment, closing costs.  I might even take them around and show them a couple of homes

so they can get a feel for the price ranges.  

Then when everyone is comfortable and ready to take that next step, I send them to my lender or setup a meeting

so we can all meet with the lender to review their loan needs.

Trust in your Realtor to guide you in the right direction.  It's a misconception that your Realtor will want you to buy

a higher priced home just for their commission.  Figure it out $200,000 at 3% is $6,000   $225,000 is $6,750 at 3%

So is a Realtor really going to make or break their bank for $750 - NO WAY That's an easy rental commission.

The Realtor will lead you to the right home which you can buy within your budget and lead you to the right Mortgage Loan Officer that can get your loan done.

It's really quite simple to buy a home once you are prepared and have the right guidance.  SO STOP!! Wasting money

on RENT. STOP!!! Living with your parents or inlaws. STOP!! Couch surfing and pay a MORTGAGE!! It's like paying rent

but in a few years you can actually have some money (THOUSDANDS not in all cases though) in your pocket when you 

leave and sell!




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